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Swizle Health Care App

Communicating with your doctor just got a whole lot easier...

Swizle communicates with the software your doctor's use and puts managing your health care back in your hands. 

Find, discover and learn about the things you love.

We live in an environment full of visual stimuli, Vibrand for Glass makes accessing information about the things you love almost effortless; faster and easier.

Vibrand uses Rubix.io technology to collect images of brand logos and products and then serves up relevant information about them, including the best place to find them.

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Our Clients include:

Tidy | Triple Tee | Red | Riot Games | Wall to Wall | ABC7 | Starbucks | GestInTime | ArtSteps

"When we started GestInTime, we had to move really fast with implementing ideas and validating them in the market. At the same time we did not want to compromise on the quality of work. We looked for a Ruby on Rails development shop, and in Yeti we found that and much more. Nick, Nico and team are experts in web development - that goes without saying. But they are also great software architects helping build sustainable future state. The development team has the best of the best. Yeti Media is a great choice for any modern development need, where you need speed and quality."
-- Krish - Former CTO - GestInTime

Go mobile to reach your customers

Reach your customers where they are, on the device they are most likely to use. People are accessing the web on their mobile devices more than ever.

We build for smart devices, iOS and Android apps with the API's needed for them to function securely in the cloud.

Web Development

We've got you covered

From simple brochure-style web-sites, to complete e-commerce and order processing, our web development services can take your idea and turn it into reality.

Polish your web presence

Give your site the native look and feel with Javascript. Frameworks such as AngularJS and Jquery make it possible to bring desktop like behavior to the web browser.

Get it done

Whether you have complete specifications that simply need development talent, or just an idea, we have the experience you need to get your site up and running.

User Interface Design

The User Interface - or user experience - of the visitors to your website or software will determine the success of your product. There is a science and technique to creating a truly unique software experience. Our user interface designers create a UI for you that will maximize the user's experience. We follow the apple human interface guidelines and use a "design first" approach ensuring solid results.

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